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Linkwarden 1.2

· 2 min read

We're happy to announce Linkwarden 1.2!

What's New?

↔️ Added Import/Export to Linkwarden Functionality

Effortlessly migrate your data in and out of Linkwarden, making it easier than ever to manage and backup your information securely.

⚙️ Redesigned Settings Page

We've revamped the Settings page with a sleek new design to improve navigability and user experience. The intuitive layout now makes it easier to configure Linkwarden to your liking.

🎛️ Tweak-able Archive Formats

Tailor your archive formats to meet your specific needs with our new tweak-able settings. This feature allows for customization in how data is archived, providing a personalized user experience and efficient data management.

🐜 Many Bug Fixes + Optimizations

This update includes numerous bug fixes and optimizations that contribute to a smoother, more efficient user experience.

🏛️ New Archivable Format: Wayback Machine

Extend your archiving options with the newly supported Wayback Machine format. Now, easily save and access your data through, ensuring long-term preservation and accessibility of your digital assets.

Disabled by default. To enable it, head to the settings page, click on the "Archive" tab in the sidebar, and check the " snapshot" checkbox, then click on "Save":


✅ And more...

Check out the full changelog below.

Full Changelog: