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Linkwarden 1.1

· One min read

We're happy to announce Linkwarden 1.1!

What's New?

🧩 Browser Extension

Add your favourite bookmarks without ever leaving your current tab. Star it over here!

🐳 Fully Added Support for Docker

Setup your own self-hosted instance easily, check out the instructions here.

🚫 Disable Registration to Outsiders

You can now disable registration for the public so it's only you and your team who has access to your own instance, check out the instructions here.

⛅️ Dark/Light mode support

Choose what's best for yourself! Toggle dark/light mode right under the profile photo dropdown.

⬇️ Import your Bookmarks from other Browsers

Supports every major browsers out there, including Chrome, Brave, Edge, Firefox and Safari, import bookmarks right from your profile settings.

✅ And more...

Check out the full changelog below.

Full Changelog: