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Introducing Linkwarden

· One min read

We're very happy to introduce Linkwarden to help you manage your webpages and bookmarks!

Linkwarden is a self-hosted, open-source collaborative bookmark manager to collect, organize and preserve webpages.

We created Linkwarden for the following reasons:

  1. Preserve web pages that might vanish or change over time.

  2. Organize and store webpages in a single centralized hub.

  3. Share bookmarks and collaborate on collections with others easily.

  4. Promote users control over their data and privacy.

The objective is to organize useful webpages and articles you find across the web in one place, and since useful webpages can go away (see the inevitability of Link Rot), Linkwarden also saves a copy of each webpage as a Screenshot and PDF, ensuring accessibility even if the original content is no longer available.

Additionally, Linkwarden is designed with collaboration in mind, sharing links with the public and/or allowing multiple users to work together seamlessly.

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